Project: Organizational Strategies for the After Life

Organizational Strategies for the After Life is a collaborative project by Gina Reichert and Mitch Cope, the husband and wife team formerly known as Design 99. Reichert and Cope have been working in their Detroit neighborhood for six years, collecting a warehouse full of objects left behind by former neighbors and their predecessors. With the assistance of several spirit beings, such as Mischievous Cleaners, Kitchen Dwellers and The Vacationers, the artists have processed and transformed the found objects into a series of sculptures, videos, drawings and paintings.

Awardee: Mitch Cope

Emerging Fields, 2013

Mitch Cope was born in Detroit, Michigan in 1973. Mitch works as an artist and independent curator. He earned his BFA in Painting from the College for Creative Studies and an MFA in Painting from Washington State University. He was the co-curator for the Detroit section of the Shrinking Cities Project, Berlin, and formerly the acting curator for the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit.

Awardee: Gina Reichert

Emerging Fields, 2013

Gina Reichert was born in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1974. Gina holds a Master of Architecture degrees from Cranbrook Academy of Art and a B.Arch from Tulane University and has worked for housing organizations and architecture firms in Cincinnati, New Orleans, New York and Detroit.

Collab: Design 99

Gina Reichert and Mitch Cope founded Design 99 in 2007 to investigate new models of contemporary art and architectural practice. Initially occupying a retail storefront space, the studio situated itself in the public realm, offering over-the-counter design consultations for 99¢ per minute and marketing $99 house call specials. Now working from their homebase in Detroit, the team continues to investigate the functionality of art and aesthetics in their neighborhood. Since 2008, Cope and Reichert have been developing the Power House as a test site for ideas and methods, lo- and hi-tech building systems, and a point of conversation for the entire neighborhood. Design 99 has exhibited widely, including at the Van Abbemuseum, Smart Museum, the Venice Biennale and Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit. The team has been featured widely in the press, including The New York Times, CNN, NPR, I.D. and Dwell magazines.