Professional Development

Core Skills

A two and a half day intensive workshop integrating strategic planning, business management, funding and promoting your work.


Strategic Planning
• Developing a system for using strategic planning and goal setting to attain increased satisfaction in your life and career
• Strategies for balancing time and money
• How to create and use a business plan 
• Financial planning basics, including choosing financial partners, options for reducing debt and best practices for saving and retirement planning   
• Essentials for running an art practice as a small, independent business, including: employment, contracts, negotiation, decision-making, budgeting and cash-flow
• How to identify and effecitvely respond to new opportunities

• Improving interpersonal verbal communications in a variety of situations, including negotiations and developing your "elevator pitch"
• Developing strong, descriptive written materials for promotion and fundraising

• Strategies for fundraising and generating revenue, including improving your fundraising materials and partnering with venues, donors and funders
• Best practices for organizing fundraising events, campaigns, donor cultivation and individual appeals
• Working with a fiscal sponsor and an advisory board  
• Determining and communicating the real cost of your work for budgets and grant proposals

Marketing and Promotion 
• Identifying and reaching new audiences through targeted marketing and networking
• Integrating promotion creatively into your everyday artistic life
• Effective and efficient promotion using websites, social media and email communications

• The Artist’s Tools Handbook, a comprehensive reference of practical how-to information 
• The Strategic Planning Workbook, designed to guide you through the process of creating a strategic plan 
• Personalized feedback and guidance

• Participants share their own work 
• Lectures by professional consultants teamed up with trained Creative Capital artist co-leaders. Our team approach provides practical information alongside first-hand insight into how a successful artist has implemented these tools to their benefit.
• Small group activities, tailored to meet participant-specific needs
• Hands-on, interactive exercises
• One-on-one consultations with workshop leaders
• Handouts & written assignments
• Four to five leaders per workshop, alowing for small group work and individual attention 
• Designed for a group of up to 24 artists. Participants can be of any discipline, at any stage of their career beyond three years professional experience. Best for artists who are eager to take their career to a new level by taking charge of their own professional growth.
• The complete Core Curriculum is available as a weekend workshop. Selected content can be offered as a one-day or evening workshop.

More information, sample agenda and pricing (PDF)

Workshop Variations

Generally available as a one-day or half-day workshop. The topics below may be combined according to the needs of the group.

Funding Your Work 
• Combines nuts-and-bolts strategies with a broad-based empowering approach for integrating fundraising into your creative practice.
• Learn to evaluate a wide variety of fundraising opportunities and how to tap these valuable resources.
More information, sample agenda and pricing (PDF)

Fundraising from Individuals
• Develop a fundraising strategy to attract and maintain a strong base of individual donors.
More information, sample agenda and pricing (PDF)

Promoting Your Work
• Build a promotional campaign expressing the quality and character of your work.
• Learn essential skills to jump start your promotional efforts.
More information, sample agenda and pricing (PDF)

Strategic Planning
• Learn key business and management skills and hear first-hand from artists how these tools can be used to break the crisis management cycle and achieve success.
More information, sample agenda and pricing (PDF)

Advanced Weekend
• A follow-up workshop for alumni of our Core Weekend Workshop.
• Provides advanced tools within our topic areas, with a special emphasis on communications and marketing.
• A pre-workshop evaluation form is used to determine individual needs and to structure the Workshop content.
More information, sample agenda and pricing (PDF)

What People Are Saying

“By far the most transformative day I’ve experienced. I will leave today with such a different perspective on my practice and goals. It was like looking up & realizing there is a sky.”
– Workshop Participant

“To have a workshop that caters to the individual artist is so important. Myths were broken, truths revealed wisdom and knowledge imparted, not to mention the relationships that were built in just one weekend were, are, and will be invaluable.”
Workshop Participant

"The help and resources offered were immeasurable… The one-on-one time was personal and tailored to my direct obstacles in my career as an artist… I left overwhelmed with positive energy… Thank you to EVERYBODY who made this possible for ME and for other artists from New Orleans who need more things JUST LIKE THIS."
Workshop Participant

"Those two-minute elevator speeches and the presentation we were required to do will always be a great, great lesson for me. I delved deeper into why I was creating the art, finding my authentic voice, not someone else’s words. Now, I truly enjoy talking about my art." 
– Workshop Participant Carmella Jarvi

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