Professional Development

How to Work with PDP

PDP works with each partner organization to create a workshop that will provide the best possible experience for the artists who attend. If you are interested in bringing this vital resource to your community, please get in touch with us.

There are several steps involved in bringing a PDP workshop to your community:

1. Determine the appropriate content and format for the workshop. Is your organization interested in the Core Weekend? Or a Verbal Communications One-Day? Your PDP Workshop Manager will help you determine the best course of action and discuss your budget parameters. Once a contract is in place, PDP will work with your organization to ensure the best possible experience for you and the artists you serve.

2. Once these decisions are made, you and your Workshop Manager can select a date for the workshop. PDP workshops usually happen on the weekends, in order to maximize the number of artists who are able to attend.

3. Organize your resources! Finding the appropriate space—whether it's your own, borrowed or rented—is key. Likewise, your staff and other connections in your community, like caterers and hotels, will come in handy. Your Workshop Manager will walk you through all the requirements of your specific workshop, step by step.

4. Select a group of artists to participate in the workshop. In some cases, the participants will be a pre-selected group of grantees or fellows. In other cases, your organization will ask interested artists to submit an application to attend the workshop. The artists are the reason to bring the workshop to your community, and it is integral to select a diverse and passionate group of professional artists who are committed to achieving new heights in their careers. For pointers on participant recruitment, your workshop manager  will provide you with our resource on recruitment tips.  

5. If you have concerns about being able to afford a workshop, PDP is able to offer subsidy grants for many of the workshops. If you would like to observe a PDP workshop, PDP is able to offer a small travel stipend for a representative from your organization to attend and observe a PDP workshop.

For information, contact krista [at] creative-capital [dot] org.