Professional Development

Blended Learning

An integrated four-to-six-month program that combines a one-day Strategic Planning & Fundraising in-person workshop, three live webinars, a series of online courses, artist working groups and small group phone consultations.

The comprehensive program, which is designed for groups of up to 24 artists, can be done in one or multiple communities simultaneously, with an optional full convening at the end. Program components includes:

Artist Self-Assessment
Artists will complete a self-assessment to help them better understand their strengths and challenges before the program begins. The assessment includes questions about finances, time management, personal goals, and fundraising techniques.

Strategic Planning & Fundraising Workshop 
Artists will attend a one-day workshop in Strategic Planning & Fundraising designed for individual artists. The workshop will include group lectures and small-group breakout sessions. Artists will receive Creative Capital's Artist’s Tools Handbook and Strategic Planning Workbook to guide their personal planning process.

Artists will dig deeper into specific topics introduced in the workshop by participating in a series of live, interactive webinars: Art Business Managment, Kickstarter School, and Real Life Budgeting. Partner organizations have the option to gather the artists at one site to participate in the webinars as a group, furthering community-building and collaboration. Artists will receive recordings of the webinars for future reference.  Additional options may be added as the program develops.

Participants will choose one to three online course topics: Financial Management, Grants and Applications, Exploring Streams of Revenue. Each 60-minute online course is divided into a series of short video chapters, accompanied by research, homework assignments and downloadable work sheets. Artists will have access to the course at their leisure to complete during the program on their own time, and revisit for up to a year.  

Small Group Sessions and Check-in 
Participants are given the option to be part of a small peer-to-peer working group for each of the online courses they chose to complete. Each group will have a scheduled check-in call with a course leader to review their work, ask questions, and share information with one another.

Final Wrap-up Convening/Workshop
The partner organization has the option to host a final in-person wrap-up event that will bring together all participating artists. Workshop leaders will offer content to follow up and wrap up the program and facilitate small group peer-to-peer sharing. The final convening can also be used as an opportunity for both participants and the partner organization to plans ways and systems to continue to work together, to support each other, and to extend the program further into their community.

Download the Blended Learning Guide for a complete description, sample agenda, timeline and pricing. 


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