Professional Development

Presenting Partners

Collaboration is important. It’s why we partner with local organizations to offer our workshops, because we know that things aren't over when the workshop ends. We want to see artists and arts organizations thriving in local communities nationwide. Our artist-to-artist model encourages artists to work together, creating a vibrant, growing and long-lasting arts community. 

We often find that our workshops lead to stronger artistic communities in the cities where the workshop is presented, and our partners play a big role in this. They provide helpful insights into the specific needs of artists in their region and the subsequent impact of the PDP program locally. We are proud to work with many leading arts organizations across the country and internationally, and as we work with new partners every year, this list continues to grow. 

Our Full Partner List (PDF)

What Our Partners Are Saying


Kelsey Karper“We always enjoy working with Creative Capital. I know the artists were blown away by the program. I had an email from one this morning telling me she has already made an appointment to get new photos of her work."
– Kelsey Karper, Associate Director, Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition

Tori Bush“This workshop empowered our participants to leverage their creative talents into sustainable and successful lives. These artists will go on to be leaders of their communities and act as catalysts of positive change as New Orleans moves forward, reinventing itself.” 
– Tori Bush, Programs Director, Creative Alliance New Orleans

 Adriana Perez"You cannot imagine how meaningful it was to open that door for our Spanish-speaking artists. Again, thank you so much. It is always a joy and a pleasure to have Creative Capital here with us." 
– Adriana S. Perez, Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs