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Welcome to On Our Radar, a searchable database featuring nearly 300 Emerging Fields, Literature and Performing Arts projects that advanced to the second or third round in last year's highly competitive award selection process.

Although these projects were not ultimately funded by Creative Capital, we feel they are artists to watch, and we invite you to explore them. This site will be online until September 30, 2016.

Projects On Our Radar
Performing Arts
Irene Chan
Washington, DC

Yella Ballads Counterpoint

Yella Ballads Counterpoint is a storytelling solo performance about western perspectives of Chinese women’s beauty. The show combines materials from 19th and 20th century American songs like Little Yella Cinderella with Chinese opera colors and movements. True stories about Chinese women in early America are told with sculptural artist books, satirical musical ballads, masks and costumes.
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