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New PDP Workshop: Internet for Artists

January 26, 2009

The Creative Capital Professional Development Program presents a second pilot of its new workshop, Internet for Artists, in New York City. The weekend-long course held January 30–February 1, 2009 explores how internet resources can be used to build audience, expand community, amplify marketing and extend administrative resources. Participants develop a step-by-step, holistic strategy to use a range of online applications to achieve specific career goals. Additionally, the workshop helps artists’ expand their thinking to quickly recognize and implement the possibilities of new technologies as they develop. Workshop topics include:
- Managing the Push: Communicating effectively using email, feeds, your website, etc.
- Communities: Building a network to support you and your work, how to use that network to extend your practice.
- Push/Pull: Using the native interactivity available to create effective websites and build your connections to your audience.
- Being Efficient: How to identify shortcuts and use your computer and the internet more efficiently. Other topics include:
- Social Networking
- Website Review
- Generating Revenue
- Writing for the Web
- Search Engine Optimization
- How to Get Noticed
This Weekend Workshop is an intensive two and one-half days based on a rigorous and comprehensive curriculum. The workshop format employs lectures, interactive exercises, break-out sessions, and one on one consultations. The workshop begins with presentations by the participating artists, and participants receive access to an on-line handbook full of practical, how-to information. See the Professional Development Program's online calendar to learn about other upcoming workshops in New York City and across the country. Back to Listing