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Creative Capital presents Blended Learning Program for artists in New Jersey and New York

February 16, 2016

Creative Capital is pleased to announce the launch of two Blended Learning programs for artists in New York and New Jersey. Blended Learning brings together the best of Creative Capital's acclaimed Professional Development Program (PDP), teaching core skills for career management to individual artists. The comprehensive four- to six-month program includes: a day-long Strategic Planning & Fundraising workshop, participation in three live webinars, a series of online courses, artist working groups and small group phone consultations. See below for more program details.

The Blended Learning programs are available free of charge to artists who apply and are selected to participate, thanks to the generous supporters of these local programs. The New York program, which runs from March to July, is supported by the New York State Council on the Arts and hosted by Rome Capitol Theatre. The New Jersey program, which runs from April to July, is supported by the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation and hosted by Gallery Aferro in Newark and Artworks in Trenton. 

>> Central and Northern New York artists: Apply Here before Feb. 19 deadline
>> South New Jersey artists: Apply Here before Feb. 27 deadline
>> North New Jersey artists: Apply Here before Feb. 27 deadline

Organizations interested in learning more about bringing Blended Learning to their communities can contact PDP's Workshop Manager Krista DeFabian Castro at [email protected] or 646.591.5913.

Program Details:
"In more than two decades of being an artist, attending workshops and seminars, and pursuing a graduate degree, I never received as much valuable information and attitude adjustment about my career as a creative person as I did in this workshop." -Lou Pepe, Workshop Participant

The Blended Learning program begins with a guided self-assessment to help artists better understand their strengths and challenges before the program begins. The assessment includes questions about finances, time management, personal goals, and fundraising techniques.

Participants will then attend a one-day workshop in Strategic Planning & Fundraising designed for individual artists. The workshop will include group lectures and small-group breakout sessions. Artists will receive Creative Capital's Artist Tools Handbook and Strategic Planning Workbook to guide their personal planning process.

Artists will dig deeper into specific topics introduced in the workshop by participating in a series of live, interactive webinars: Art Business Management, Kickstarter School, and Real Life Budgeting.

Participants will choose one to three online course topics: Financial Management, Grants and Applications, Exploring Streams of Revenue. Each 60-minute online course is divided into a series of short video chapters, accompanied by research, homework assignments and downloadable worksheets. Artists will have access to the course at their leisure to complete on their own time and revisit for up to a year. 

Participants are given the option to join small peer-to-peer working groups for each of the online courses they chose to complete. Each group will have a scheduled check-in call with a course leader to review their work, ask questions, and share information with one another.
At the end of the program, our partner organizations will host wrap-up events that will bring together all participating artists. Workshop leaders will offer content to follow up and wrap up the program and facilitate small group peer-to-peer sharing. Participants and the partner organization can plans ways and systems to continue to work together, to support each other, and to extend the program further into their community.

  • A personalized plan of action based on their own identified goals for their art career.
  • A roadmap for funding their work and revenue-generation, including improving fundraising materials; working with partners and building a base of individual contributors.
  • New perspectives on how to approach presenting and writing about their work for fundraising purposes.
  • Increased understanding of their personal and professional financial options.
  • A framework for deciding which opportunities to say yes or now to, and how to do so.
  • A new understanding of the value of their time, and how it relates to the pricing of their work.
  • The PDP Strategic Planning Workbook, which includes exercises and evaluation processes to work toward your own personal goal setting and financial management.
  • The PDP Artist Tools Handbook, an essential guide filled with practical tools and resources.
  • Handouts that include self-assessment exercises, focusing strategies, worksheets and tools.
  • A cohort of peer artists in the community who can act as resources going forward.
Many thanks to the Dodge Foundation and NYSCA for their generous support of Blended Learning in the program's pilot phase. 
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