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December Webinars for Artists: Applying for Grants & Residencies, Social Media, and Web, Blog & Email Essentials

Treat yourself (and your career) to a holiday gift with one of three Creative Capital webinars in December! Improve your odds of receiving a grant or residency with Ethan Nosowsky, enhance your social media savvy with Eve Mosher, and learn some best practices for your website, blog & email inbox with Sue Schaffner

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Led by editor Ethan Nosowsky, this 90-minute webinar covers all aspects of the grant and residency process for writers, including researching appropriate programs, putting together a competitive application, and making the most of both award and rejection letters.  

"Ethan's elaboration on what should be included in a project description helped me 
think in more detail about what else should be included other than the project's form and content." 

-Participant, Applying for Grants & Residencies Webinar


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Led by artist Eve Mosher, this 90-minute webinar covers all aspects of using social media to communicate about your work and ideas; expand your audience, peer and professional network; and create a deeper connection with the general public.  

"I am fairly proficient at social media, but have never applied it to my artistic practice...
I left motivated to change my social media practices to attract positive and useful information, and let my interests dictate what comes to me. My computer time just became infinitely more productive." 

-Participant, Social Media Webinar


Web, Blog & Email Essentials, with Sue Schaffner
Monday December 15, 7:00-8:30pm EST
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This webinar covers all aspects of your web presence. Led by artist Sue Schaffner, it will provide you with an overview of best practices for your web site, blog, and email marketing and communications, as well as case studies of artists who have established innovative and effective web presences.

"Web tech alone changes so much that every 4 years this kind of class seems kind of mandatory...All killer; no filler."

-Participant, Web, Blog & Email Essentials Webinar  

Webinars are $25 each.

All webinars are interactive and allow time for participants to ask questions.
To participate, all you need is access to a computer with speakers and an Internet connection (hard-wired preferred). There is no special software needed. 

Interested but can't attend? All registered participants will receive access to a recording of that webinar.

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Learn more about our Online Learning Program on our website, or email Matthew Deleget at [email protected].

We look forward to seeing you online soon! 

Alyson Pou, Director, Professional Development Program
Matthew Deleget, Online Learning Consultant

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