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Project Premiere: Shrimp Boat Projects Organizes Inaugural Buffalo Bayou Shrimp Festival in Houston, TX

October 1, 2014

Buffalo Bayou Shrimp Festival
Presented by Shrimp Boat Projects
Saturday, October 4, 2014, 12-6pm
901 N. York Street, Houston, TX

More info:

In 2010, Houston-based artists Zach Moser and Eric Leshinsky (2012 Visual Arts) set out to become commercial fishermen in an effort to better understand the intersection of labor, landscape and culture specific to the Galveston Bay area. After overhauling a 41-ft steel-hulled shrimp boat, the F/V Discovery, the artists began fishing full-time on the boat, selling their shrimp to local restaurants and farmers markets, while also presenting excursions and public programs investigating issues uncovered through the project. With this labor, they sought to tie their identities to the landscape, creating a firm foundation from which to construct a culture that maintains and strengthens a relationship with the land.

After three years of this immersive research practice, Moser is now transitioning Shrimp Boat Projects into a phase of production, commencing with the inaugural Buffalo Bayou Shrimp Festival. Held on the banks of Buffalo Bayou in the shadow of Houston's skyline, the Festival celebrates the bounty of the estuary with a shrimp cook-off, live music, games and other activities for all ages-all aimed at reconnecting America's petrochemical capital and fastest growing metropolis to its native landscape. The centerpiece of the event will be the F/V Discovery, transformed into the Divine Pelican, a kinetic floating sculpture ceremonially consecrated as a protective deity for the estuary. 

The Festival is part of Transported + Renewed, a project of the Houston Arts Alliance, and is co-sponsored by the Buffalo Bayou Partnership. You can learn more about Shrimp Boat Projects at and watch the artists present at the 2013 Creative Capital Artist Retreat on YouTube.

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