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Project Premiere: Susan Robb's "Wild Times" at Multiple West Coast Art Venues

April 16, 2014

Susan Robb, Wild Times
Beginning April 17, 2014
Multiple venues
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On April 17, Susan Robb (2013 Emerging Fields) will embark on a five-month adventure from Mexico to Canada on the Pacific Crest Trail. This marks the culmination of her Creative Capital-supported project, Wild Times, which merges new media, social engagement and a 2,650-mile hike to explore wildness as a geographic ideal and a state of mind.

Only 3% of the contiguous United States is still considered protected wild space. As our culture increasingly pressures us to maintain a personal "brand," be in constant contact, and snapchat every moment, maybe it's not just our geographic wild spaces that are endangered, but our internal wild spaces as well. Through Wild Times, Robb offers her body and work as a conduit between gallery and wilderness, public and trail, form and formless. Using the trail as a nomadic studio, and her experiences as inspiration and medium, Robb will create digital artworks (photos, videos and 3D files) and periodically transmit them to multiple West Coast art venues. There they will be printed, projected and installed, evolving into cumulative exhibitions that offer meditations on what it means to be wild today. Wild Times host venues include: Grand Central Art Center in Santa Ana, CA; Palm Springs Art Museum in Palm Desert, CA; 826 Valencia in San Francisco, CA; Tacoma Art Museum in Tacoma, WA; and the Frye Art Museum and Henry Art Gallery, in Seattle, WA. 

At its core, Wild Times is a proposition for people to seek out and experience their own wildness. To aid that process, Robb has developed satellite events and programming for the host venues, including a "hero's journey" writing workshop, group therapy explorations and a "trail magic" master class. The Wild Times project website features "Hack Your Wild" instructions for creative action and profiles of "Everyday Explorers."

You can read an interview with Robb about her preparations for the hike and watch her presentation on Wild Times at the 2013 Creative Capital Artist Retreat on our blog, The Lab.

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