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Project Premiere: Miwa Matrekey's "This World Made Itself" at REDCAT in Los Angeles, Feb. 7-9

January 29, 2014

This week, Miwa Matreyek (2013 Performing Arts) will have the Los Angeles premiere of her Creative Capital-supported project, This World Made Itself, with three performances at REDCAT, February 7–9. This World Made Itself is a multimedia, live performance work combining projected animation and the artist’s own shadow silhouette as she interacts with a fantastical world of her own creation. The kaleidoscopic experience leads the audience through the history of the earth, from its birth to today’s complex and fast-paced world. Sophisticated yet full of childlike wonder, the thematic journey is a spectacle of surrealistic metaphor and fantasy.

Matreyek’s work, which the Los Angeles Times has called “magical…unlike anything you’ve seen before,” exists at the intersection of film and theater, exploring how animation transforms when it is combined with body and space—and vice-versa. You can read an interview between Matreyek and fellow Creative Capital Artist Janie Geiser on Creative Capital’s blog, The Lab.

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