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Ledoh Premieres "COLORMEAMERICA" in New York

April 11, 2011

April 14–16, 2011 at 8:00pm
Joyce SoHo
New York, NY

2006 Performing Arts grantee Ledoh's Creative Capital project, COLORMEAMERICA, will premiere at New York's Joyce SoHo later this week. COLORMEAMERICA is a Butoh-based multimedia performance that reveals tensions between concepts of security and our sense of self, exploring the erosion of an individual's power of consent when heightened security is linked to patriotism. The ensemble piece utilizes structured improvisation to craft a dance between those seeking permission and those holding the power to grant it.

COLORMEAMERICA features live movement choreographed by Ledoh and Iu-Hui Chua, accompanied by an original electronic score by Matt Ogaz and projected video images by Perry Hallinan. The work draws heavily on Ledoh's childhood experiences, as well as on fear-based U.S. post-September 11 government policies. COLORMEAMERICA also incorporates accounts from victims of turmoil in the Middle East. While the work deals with weighty themes, Ledoh regards COLORMEAMERICA as satire, a Spaghetti Western in which biting humor enlivens the piece while unmistakably conveying its political content.

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