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Forty-six Artists Nationwide Award Grants by Creative Capital Foundation

February 2, 2005

_Initial grants totaling nearly $400,000 are given to artist projects in the visual arts and film/video_ NEW YORK, NY (February 2, 2005) – Creative Capital Foundation, the national arts organization that supports individual artists, announces the recipients of its 2005 grants. Forty-six artists representing 41 projects in the visual arts and film/video received initial awards of $5,000 to $10,000. As the projects develop, the foundation offers additional funds; projects may receive as much as $50,000 each through the tenure of the multi-year grant and at least $1 million has been committed to the 41 projects. The award also includes enrollment in Creative Capital’s distinctive Artist Services Program. Now the signature trademark for the foundation’s “soup to nuts” funding approach, this program offers grantees assistance in fundraising, networking, marketing, and strategic planning to advance both their projects and their careers. So far Creative Capital has devoted more than $3 million to the Artists Services Program. About the projects
 Themes represented in this year’s funded projects run the gamut, from quiet “slice of life” stories to epic transnational journeys. Creative Capital has been there before in terms of work dealing with border-crossing, popular culture, or the changing urban landscape, but, according to Creative Capital President Ruby Lerner, “we’re seeing nuances in artistic expression that reflect how U.S.-based artists are positioning themselves as citizens of the world.” Indeed issues such as shifts in the environment and political exile and corruption exhibit artistic concerns on a global scale, and continue to inspire work that speaks to this particular moment in time. Foundation update 
 This year Creative Capital implemented a new selection process in considering the 3,286 submissions that arrived online, by mail, and by hand at its New York office; the updated process enabled more work samples to be reviewed in a preliminary round. As a result, evaluators and panelists nationwide were able to view the work of more than 700 artists collectively. Now in its fourth grant cycle, Creative Capital has supported the work of 199 artists since its start in 1999. The foundation recently announced the March 14 deadline for proposals for 2006 grants in the performing arts and emerging fields/innovative literature. Those grant recipients will be selected by late December. By 2006 Creative Capital will have an estimated 240 projects from across the country on the roster. About Creative Capital
 Founded in January 1999, Creative Capital Foundation is a national nonprofit organization that supports individual artists pursuing innovative approaches to form and content in the visual and performing arts, film/video, and in emerging fields/innovative literature. A complete list of grantees, profiles of funded projects, and up-to-date grant cycle information can be found online at the foundation’s website at CREATIVE CAPITAL FOUNDATION 2005 GRANTEE PROJECTS

 Visual Arts

 Edgar Arcenaux, Vincent Galen Johnson, Olga Koumoundouros, Matthew Sloly and Rodney McMillan (Pasadena, CA)
 Sculpture & Installation 
 _A Philosophy of Time Travel_ - A collaborative sculptural installation, in conjunction with the Studio Museum of Harlem, referencing Brancusi’s _Endless Column_, the music of African composer Sun Ra, and the architecture of the Egyptian pyramids
 James Bidgood (New York, NY) Photography
 _Checking the Plumbline_ - A series of staged photo-based works that will be a statement on reactionary politics, sexuality, and religion

 Max King Cap (Chicago, IL) Interdisciplinary _
God’s Punk_ – An operetta-style video and performance work examining the formal garden and the forest as metaphors for the sacred and profane

 Bruce Chao (Rehoboth, MA) Sculpture 
_Sculpture in Trees_ – A series of outdoor sculptural works sited in trees and the forest canopy, evoking a synthesis and harmony between living trees and a 19th century glass house

 Liz Cohen (San Francisco, CA) Interdisciplinary 
_Bodywork_ – A performance and sculpture project in which the artist investigates the desire for social acceptance and identity transformation by converting/customizing both an automobile and her own body

 Nancy Davidson (New York, NY) Sculpture 
_Let ‘er Buck_ – A series of large, inflatable outdoor “cowgirl” sculptures offering a humorous, absurd critique of popular culture from a feminist perspective

 Peggy Diggs (Williamstown, MA) Interdisciplinary 
_Work Out_ – A collaborative community-based art project with incarcerated men and women who will design industrial and residential objects for small spaces

 Jeffrey Gibson (Jersey City, NJ) Painting 
_Infinite Anomaly: Tahlequah, Oklahoma_ – A series of paintings documenting the artist’s relationship to a plot of land in Oklahoma that his family has inherited through The Federal Indian Allotment Act of the late 1800s

 Pablo Helguera (New York, NY) Installation
 _The School of Panamerican Unrest_ – A transportable museum that will travel the U.S. and Latin America with material and programs exploring the history of utopian thought and political ideas of freedom

 Caroline Lathan-Stiefel (Atlanta, GA) Installation
 _New Installation_ – A room-sized installation consisting of multiple, connected forms made of fabric, pipe cleaners, yarn, pins, and thread which is a play on traditional architectural, technological, and organic systems

 Deborah F. Lawrence (Seattle, WA) Works on paper 
 _Dee Dee Does Utopia_ – A series of collage-like works inspired by the instigations, visual puns, and political aesthetics of the Dadaists and Surrealists with references to traditions such as American quilting and stitching

 Annie Han & Daniel Mihalyo (Seattle, WA) Installation 
 _Maryhill Double_ – A collaborative site-specific installation involving a full-scale replication of the Maryhill Museum on Oregon’s Columbia River Gorge and utilizing building scaffolding and nylon construction netting

 Mark Newport (Mesa, AZ) Interdisciplinary
 _Ready for Action_ – A series of digital images documenting the artist performing in self-made superhero costumes and examining the theme of protection

 Ruben Ochoa (Los Angeles, CA) Interdisciplinary 
_Freeway Extractions_ – A two-part photomural project to be mounted on freeway walls throughout Southern California as a way to engage spaces where class, sculpture, and art can intersect
 Karyn Olivier (Houston, TX) Installation
 _59 South (Texas) Billboard Project_ – A series of photomurals designed for billboards near an exit ramp on the 59 South freeway in Texas and meant to pay homage to Magritte’s Surrealist painting The Human Condition

 Susanne Cockrell and Ted Purves (Oakland, CA) Interdisciplinary
 _Temescal Amity Works_ – A social sculpture project sited in the Temescal neighborhood of Oakland involving the exchange of produce yielded from the backyards of this community

 Artemio Rodriguez (Los Angeles, CA) Works on paper _
Woodcut Mural, Urban Landscape_ – An over-sized mural using traditional Mexican woodcut techniques and addressing border politics and urban development

 Joseph Schneider (Corbett, OR) Sculpture
 _The Doll Cathedral_ – A monument-like public sculpture using Barbie, Ken, G.I. Joe and other action figure dolls to create a Gothic cathedral symbolizing the intersection of consumer culture, spirituality, and idol worship

 Kerry Skarbakka (Brooklyn, NY) Photography 
 _Fluid_ – A series of large format, performative underwater photographs investigating themes of suffocation, panic and loss of control

 Noelle Tan (Washington, D.C.) Photography
 _Untitled_ – A series of black-and-white landscape photographs of desert areas in Nevada, Utah and Arizona processed using techniques that nearly obliterate the images, leaving only a hint and subtle marks of the original scenes

 Film/Video Projects 2005 

 Natalia Almada (Brooklyn, NY) Experimental documentary _
El General_ – A feature-length documentary on the artist’s ancestors in Mexico that compares personal and family historical accounts with the published history of the country

 Usama Alshaibi (Chicago, IL) Experimental documentary
 _Nice Bombs_ – A diaristic home-movie chronicling the filmmaker’s recent pilgrimage with his father to their Iraqi homeland after living in exile in the U.S. for the past 24 years

 Ina Archer (Brooklyn, NY) Film/video installation
 _The London Film Conspiracy_ (LFC) – A 30-minute film and a six-minute multi-screen installation that combines archival film footage, new video segments and digital image to address the practice of film preservation and archiving in a humorous way

 Bill Daniel (Shreveport, LA) Film/video installation & experimental documentary
 _The Drift_ – A documentary installation series and 50-minute video that explores the unseen consequences of ecological change through portraits of societal outsiders

 Paula Durette (Baltimore, MD) Animation
 _Long Pink Coats and Harleys_ – A Czech-influenced puppet animation presenting the difficulties associated with being part of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender youth community

 Edgar Endress & Lori Lee (Pottsboro, TX) Experimental documentary _
Carry On_ – A short film about the search for an illegal Haitian immigrant, using an abandoned backpack as the primary clue

 James Fotopoulos (Chicago, IL) Interdisciplinary
 _Richard Nixon_ – An experimental visual and audio study of the life of the former President, utilizing animation, installation, documentary and narrative approaches

 Jennifer Fox (New York, NY) Experimental documentary
 _Women & I_ – A feature-length documentary in which the filmmaker’s life serves as a vehicle for investigating female identity across countries, cultures, ages and sexual orientations

 Jacqueline Goss (Tivoli, NY) Animation
 _Precisely_ – An animated documentary investigating the history of measurement systems, particularly the technologies used to measure and map the human body

 Brent Green (Cressona, PA) Animation _
Paulina Holler_ – An animated Appalachian folk tale of grief created with stop-motion rabbit bones, hand carved wooden angels, and a hand-drawn hell 

 Cristina Ibarra (Los Angeles, CA) Experimental narrative _
Love & Monster Trucks_ – A live-action narrative interspersed with freeze frames and animated sequences that reference the comic book series Love & Rockets and life in the U.S./Mexico border town of the main character

 Braden King (New York, NY) Experimental narrative _
Here_ – An experimental road movie about a satellite-mapping engineer working and traveling in Armenia and presented as a meditation on landscape, time, place and orientation

 James Lyons (New York, NY) Experimental narrative 
A Short Film About Andy Warhol – A six-minute fictional film, surreal in style, that follows the famous artist home after an imagined night on the town

 Jake Mahaffy (Roanoke, VA) Experimental narrative
 _Free In Deed_ – A narrative feature about a young man’s existential quest to reclaim his spiritual autonomy while on a return trip to his hometown

 Peter Sillen (Jersey City, NJ) Experimental documentary 
_Free and Accepted_ – A feature-length documentary that explores the history and future of the Masonic Order in the U.S. as well as some of the issues brought about by the cloistered fraternal order such as group exclusion/inclusion and brotherhood

 Alex Stikich (Brooklyn, NY) Experimental documentary 
 _Honesto – Corrupt Politician_ – A three-part short video that humorously portrays the effects of governmental corruption around the world, particularly in Latin America

 Naomi Uman (Newhall, CA) Experimental documentary _
Untitled_ – A personal, anecdotal documentary on 16mm film, based on the filmmaker’s trip to the Ukraine to live with a family of dairy farmers 

 Edin Velez (Brooklyn, NY) Experimental narrative _
Delirio Tropical_ – A 90-minute video set in Puerto Rico in the 1980s interweaving a romance story with the 1978 Cerro Maravilla assassinations, the most controversial political event in the country’s history

 Glenda Wharton (Winston-Salem, NC) Animation
 _The Zo and the Invisible Friend_ – A hand-drawn animation using experimental fine art techniques to show how a child uses imagination to escape a nightmarish reality

 Christopher Wilcha (Brooklyn, NY) Experimental documentary 
 _Garden State_ – A first-person essay film documenting the filmmaker’s return to his home state of New Jersey, recording observations and memories of the local landscape, much of which has been designated as a toxic waste site

 Eric Wolf (New York, NY) Experimental documentary
 _Outpost_ – A black-and-white Super-8 film set in Iceland and touring the landscape through the imagined memories of a sailor who was aboard a sinking ship in the North Atlantic in 1984

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