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Creative Capital Artists and Events at Miami Art Fairs

November 2, 2010

Grantees exhibiting during Art Basel Miami Beach, December 2-5, include: - Sanford Biggers at Art Miami with Goya Contemporary - Nick Cave at Art Basel Miami with Jack Shainman Gallery - Liz Cohen at Art Miami with David Klein - Brody Condon at NADA Art Fair with On Stellar Rays gallery and at a side exhibition by Los Angeles Nomadic Division (LAND) - Erin Cosgrove, Chris Doyle and Marina Zurkow at PULSE Miami with Catharine Clark Gallery - Kelly Heaton and Sam Van Aken at SEVEN with Ronald Feldman Fine Arts - Jennifer and Kevin McCoy at SEVEN with Postmasters Gallery - Beverly McIver at Art Miami with C. Grimaldis Gallery - Matthew Moore at Art Miami with Lisa Sette - Mark Newport at Art Miami with Greg Kucera (list in formation) EVENT INFORMATION Join Sean Elwood and Kathleen Gilrain on Friday, December 3rd, from 5-6pm for a discussion about grants and other non-commercial resources for artists at #rank. This event will be a free-ranging discussion about how and why grants and residency programs for artists are given, with Sean Elwood, Director of Artist Programs for Creative Capital Foundation in New York, and Kathleen Gilrain, Executive Director of Smack Mellon in Brooklyn. The discussion will be extremely informal. #Rank is a program of discussions and events organized by artists Jennifer Dalton and William Powhida. For more information about #rank, go to: #rank will take place at SEVEN, 2214 North Miami Avenue. Back to Listing