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Creative Capital at IdeaFestival in Louisville, KY

September 25, 2010

Join President & Executive Director Ruby Lerner and five Creative Capital grantees at IdeaFestival in Louisville, KY, September 29-October 2. Presentation: Creating the Artful Organization Ruby Lerner, with artists Sanford Biggers, Brent Green, Jae Rhim Lee, George Legrady and Matthew Moore Saturday, October 2, 12:00–1:00pm Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts Creative Capital's unique approach to arts funding, based on the venture capital model, focuses on supporting innovative work through funds and services. Lerner will discuss Creative Capital's inception, application of venture capital concepts and why innovation in the arts is essential. Five Creative Capital grantees will participate in the presentation. Sanford Biggers (2008 Visual Arts grantee) creates multi-disciplinary artworks integrating film/video, installation, sculpture, music and performance. His Creative Capital project, The Cartographer’s Conundrum, explores the emerging genre of Afro-futurism. Jae Rhim Lee (2009 Emerging Fields grantee) is a visual artist, permaculture designer, mushroom lover and compost fetishist. Lee’s Creative Capital project, the Infinity Burial Project, explores the choices we face post-mortem and death’s physical and psychological implications. George Legrady (2002 Emerging Fields grantee) is a digital media and installation artist. His Creative Capital project, Speaking/Sensing Space, is a digital abstract media environment in which imagery, sound and text are created by viewers movement in a public space. Matthew Moore (2008 Visual Arts grantee) creates site-specific earthworks, often on and around his family's farm, that illuminate the ways urban and rural lands collide and compete in contemporary America. His Creative Capital project, Lifecycles: Reinterpreting the American Produce Market, brings videos documenting the lifecycle of crops into supermarkets. Exhibition of Participating Creative Capital Artists Tuesday, September 28–Saturday, October 2, 10:00am–6:00pm Museum Plaza Sales Office Work by Biggers, Green, Lee, Legrady and Moore will be on display throughout IdeaFestival. Special thanks to Alice Gray Stites for facilitating this exhibition. Back to Listing