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Deke Weaver's ELEPHANT Premieres in Urbana, IL

September 20, 2010

ELEPHANT Stock Pavilion Urbana, IL September 23-27, 8:00pm daily Free and open to the public 2009 Performing Arts grantee Deke Weaver will premiere ELEPHANT, a portion of his project The Unreliable Bestiary, later this week in at the Stock Pavilion in Urbana, IL. ELEPHANT, which explores the remarkable commonalities between elephant and human societies—such as subtle interpersonal communications, post-traumatic stress and burial rituals—is the second performance in The Unreliable Bestiary. Inspired by the literary concept of the unreliable narrator and the medieval bestiary, which gave every living thing a spiritual purpose, The Unreliable Bestiary is an ark of stories about animals, our relationships with them and the worlds they inhabit. In addition to an encyclopedic set of books and a website, The Unreliable Bestiary includes performances for each letter of the alphabet, with each letter representing a particular animal or habitat. Staged in a livestock pavilion, ELEPHANT features two 90-foot wide video projections and an enormous elephant puppet. With the help of composer-musician Chris Peck, choreographer and co-director Jennifer Allen, lighting designer Valerie Oliveiro and scenic designer Andy Warfel, Weaver promises that ELEPHANT will be "haunting and one-of-a-kind." Back to Listing