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Barbara Hammer's Resisting Paradise Screens at MoMA

September 7, 2010

2000 Film/Video grantee Barbara Hammer's Resisting Paradise (2003) will be screened at The Museum of Modern Art in New York on September 18 and October 2. Resisting Paradise is a 16mm experimental documentary that explores the relationship between art and politics through a juxtaposition of the work of French painters Henri Matisse and Pierre Bonnard with interviews with French WWII resistance fighters. A study of disjunctive image and sound, the film addresses issues of artistic identity and political responsibility through Matisse and Bonnard's very different views of the political arena. Resisting Paradise features Hammer's film emulsion technique, her creative use of picture and sound, and her longtime commitment to making visible neglected aspects of history. These screenings are part of MoMA's month-long retrospective of Hammer's works from 1968 to the present. MoMA will screen more than three dozen of Hammer's films and collaborations from September 15 through October 13. 

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