Artist Projects

Postwar Tablefruit

Dao Strom

Postwar Tablefruit is a book that draws from Dao Strom’s experience as a woman of color and child of a “postwar” era. Strom’s perspective is anchored in growing up Vietnamese in America in the 1980s, a time of “postwar” silence and forgetting. Juxtaposing prose, lyric fragments, and visual elements, Postwar Tablefruit seeks to expose silences, shadows, the obscuring of history, and to remember—or discern—the nature of what was buried. One essay, “Iowa,” looks at being a person of color in a prestigious writing program. Another essay, “Tablefruit Diatribes,” uses fragments to reflect on power dynamics, especially regarding ideas of the Asian feminine. In addition to the book, there will be a music component to the project.