Artist Projects

For You

Erika Chong Shuch

For You is an audience engagement performance laboratory guided by the goal of expanding ideas around how performance is created and shared. A series of works will be created in separate phases. For each phase, twelve individuals are selected through a widely-cast application including questions about what keeps them up at night, self-portraits and photos of favorite objects. During individual meetings with the selected twelve, the artist hears stories, sees pictures and looks at trinkets. The shape and content of each performance is thus determined by that which speaks to the twelve’s desires and concerns, and performed only for those twelve. The creative team will document the process, from initial applications and in-home interviews to select rehearsals and culminating performances. The application deliverables and documentation will be made public via an online gallery and book.

We are creating a new model for making performances that can be taken to multiple communities, sites and environments. Working intimately with our selected audiences, we emphasize how meaningful exchanges unfold through process, and culminate in participatory, performative adventures.