Artist Projects

The Aristophanesathon

Sean Graney

The Aristophanesathon is a six-hour conjoined adaptation featuring the eleven existing plays of Aristophanes. The project will build off Sean Graney's artistic successes with All Our Tragic, a twelve-hour adaptation of the thirty-two extant tragedies, and Sophocles: These Seven Sicknesses, the surviving canon of Sophocles plays. The plot follows a character named Aristophanes, as a girl of eleven, to just before her death at fifty-five. A cast of six actors will play thirty characters. There will be three strongly-connected acts, each functioning like a Shakespearean comedy. Each act will have a main character with many subplots, resolving by the end, or resulting in many deaths. The Aristophanesathon can be performed in any setting, even non-theaters, either fully-designed, or very rough (as long as the audience can drink during the performance).

Project Updates

  • The Aristophanesathon will have its premiere production April 15- May 27, 2018 in Chicago