Artist Projects

Electric Lucifer

Jim Findlay

Electric Lucifer reanimates Bruce Haack’s visionary song cycle from the 1970s, The Electric Lucifer Part 1 and Part 2, as a futuristic, music-driven performance for a 21st-century audience. Haack’s songs focus on the fallout of a war in heaven that resolves with the redemption of Lucifer and his angels through “power love,” a technologically energized form of love. This project intends to render Haack’s allegory as a starkly modern cultural dilemma that impacts the audience's own hopes and dreams for who we are now and what we might become. In a world constantly on the brink of both disaster and transcendence it asks, which side are you on?

Project Updates

  • Electric Lucifer will premiere in January 2018 at The Kitchen in New York City.