Artist Projects

CHEEKY LaSHAE: Karaoke Universal

Kenya (Robinson)

CHEEKY” is a glittering sack of stars that exists as an avatar to be embodied by a revolving cast of individuals. By evoking the history of drag performance, glitter, reflection, puppetry, model-making kits and social media, CHEEKY LaSHAE: Karaoke Universal uses the structure of a college-level course to perforate the boundaries between audience and performer. To date CHEEKY LaSHAE is a heavy metal performer, self-help guru, sex worker, motivational speaker, author, fashion icon, educator, KJ, financial planner and interior designer. The syllabus highlights the conceptual origins of these roles, while offering students a platform to contribute to CHEEKY's evolving narrative.  The curriculum includes hands-on sculptural projects, readings, guest speakers, “Google-search-vortex-maps,” hashtag creation and social media group projects. The final project for the course is the performance of CHEEKY LaSHAE, as interpreted by the individual student and filtered through their online medium of choice.

Project Updates

  • 2017: Kenya Premieres “CHEEKY LaSHAE: Karaoke” at Pioneer Works as, “Privilege as Plastic Material”