Artist Projects

Tour Without End

Laura Parnes

Tour Without End is a hybrid-film installation and an archive of DIY venues for visual and performing arts, in New York City and beyond. It is a multi-platform project in which real-life musicians, artists and actors are cast as alternate-universe-rock star versions of themselves. A core group of players improvise based on semi-scripted scenes. Many of these outsized performers are legendary personalities in the history of DIY venues for visual and performing arts in NYC and beyond. As the players move in and out of fictionalized characters and real life, the film moves in and out of non-linear narrative and historical documentation.

The work centers on the fictional band “Munchausen,” and revels in their complex band dynamics as they endure the strain of touring, collaborating and the process of aging while immersed in a youth driven DIY music scene. Six-hours of live performances at numerous underground venues are featured.