Artist Projects


Heather Dewey-Hagborg

T3511 tells the (mostly) true story of a biohacker who becomes increasingly obsessed with an anonymous donor whose saliva she purchases online. Through sculptural cinema and performative installation the work draws the viewer into an emerging world of ubiquitous genomic sequencing, biobanking, and commodification of human biological materials. T3511 is the story of data, how the interpretation of data is always narrative and personal. It is a story about the hidden intimacy of lab work: washing cells, feeding them, keeping them warm. It is about vulnerability; the vulnerability to surveillance in our genomic time, and the vulnerability of falling for someone and opening yourself to the possibility of love. Finally, it is a story about the impossibility of love, and of ever really knowing another person. No matter how close or intimate you become, the clues they leave behind form the basis for their portrait in your head. T3511 explores these traces of presence and absence.