Artist Projects

Mirror / Echo / Tilt

Melanie Crean , Shaun Leonardo , Sable Elyse Smith

Mirror / Echo / Tilt is a collaborative project between artists, educators and individuals affected by the justice system. Using magical realism as a framework, performative vignettes are translated through the body and recorded in vacant former institutions such as empty prisons and courthouses—to consider how individuals might assert agency in the reclamation of physical and psychic space. Taking the form of video, performance, text, archive and curriculum, the work envisions new language around the way we engage mass Incarceration and inserts counter narratives into the dominant media landscape, which commonly alienates and criminalizes black and brown bodies.

  • Artists

    Melanie Crean

    Melanie Crean is an interdisciplinary artist and teacher based in New York. Both her teaching and artistic practice explore the relationship bet…


    Shaun Leonardo

    Shaun Leonardo is a multidisciplinary artist who uses modes of self-portraiture as a means to convey the complexities of masculine identity and quest…


    Sable Elyse Smith

    Sable Elyse Smith is an interdisciplinary artist, writer, and educator based in New York. Her practice considers memory and trauma while enactin…


  • Events

    Jun 23 – Sep 01, 2017
    Recess Presents A Solo Exhibition with Sable Elyse Smith

    Jan 06 – Feb 04, 2017
    Andrea Rosen Gallery Presents An Exhibition with Sable Elyse Smith

    Apr 22 – May 14, 2016
    Southern Exposure Presents "Over The Wall" Including Mirror / Echo / Tilt

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  • Project News

    April 15, 2015
    Project Premiere: Emily Johnson's SHORE in Lenapehoking (New York City)

    April 7, 2015
    Project Premiere: Kerry Tribe Solo Exhibition "The Loste Note" at 356 Mission in Los Angeles

    March 19, 2015
    Project Premiere: Carlos Motta Launches Web-Based Project "Gender Talents"

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