Artist Projects



Monumental by artist Cassils is a series of sculptures, films and a sound installations.  The first sculpture, a 1300-pound bronze sculpture, enttield Resilience of the 20%, takes its title from a 2012 statistic concerning the 20% increase in the murder rate of trans people. Wide at the base and tapering toward the top, it is roughly reminiscent of an obelisk, that most ancient of monuments, but its entire surface records the imprints of fists, knees, elbows, and feet: evidence of a furious and thorough beating. A second monument, PISSED, is a glowing glass cube tank containing more than 200 gallons of urine, a collection of every piss the artist has taken since the repeal of the Obama-era order that protected the rights of trans youth. This monument makes visible what may seem abstract in discussion: the personal bodily fluid being regulated by discriminatory policies that limit transgender people’s access to bathrooms. The blunt materiality of fists, metal, bodily waste product, the sculpting of both clay and flesh,— these are the tools and techniques employed by Cassils to illuminate a global history of violence and trauma against LGBTQI+ people.

Project Updates

  • Monumental will premiere at Ronald Feldman Fine Arts September 16, 2017