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Travel to the communities of Southeast Louisiana and witness how a woman’s fingers are the last vestiges of the earth she once tilled; her palms hold the final memory of a certain marsh. Louisiana is disappearing. It is breaking apart into the sea. The Gulf of Mexico, aided by sinking land and rising seas, has been swallowing this region at such a horrifying rate that a coastline that was a long-day’s boat ride away just 30 years ago may soon be the backdoor to the city of New Orleans.

Cry You One is an outdoor performance and online platform inspired by the disappearing wetlands of Southeast Louisiana.  Created by the award winning New Orleans companies ArtSpot Productions and Mondo Bizarro, Cry You One celebrates the people and cultures of Louisiana while turning a clear eye towards communities throughout the United States that are currently impacted by man-made or natural environmental concerns. Part song, part story, part procession for our lost land, Cry You One utilizes the unique music and stories of Louisiana to inspire connections between people working to steward the natural world wherever they live.

Project Updates

  • 2014: Mondo Bizarro present the official Creative Capital Premiere of Cry You One at Clear Creek Land, Water, Food and Stories Festival in Berea, KY

  • 2014: Mondo Bizarro presents a modified version of Cry You One at the Sandglass Theater and Vermont Performance Lab in Putney & Guilford, VT 

  • 2014: Gulf Future Salons hosts Cry You One in Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana and Florida throughout March and April;  Mondo Bizarro engages the audience with a performative excerpt and story-telling from Cry You One​​

  • 2013: Cry You One is a 2013 NEFA National Theater Project, a program which provides developmental funding and tour subsidies

  • 2013: Cry You One premieres in Bernard, Louisiana, as an outdoor performance in October 

  • Artists

    Mondo Bizarro

    Mondo Bizarro has been creating original, multidisciplinary art and fostering partnerships in local, national and international communities for the l…


    Millicent Johnnie

    Millicent Johnnie, a native of Lafayette, LA, received both her BFAand MFA in dance at Florida State University. She toured as re…


    Sean LaRocca

    Sean LaRocca has been ArtSpot Productions' managing director and primary musical director since the late 90's.  He is a New Orleans nati…


    Nick Slie

    Nick Slie lives and works on the disappearing wetlands of coastal Louisiana. An actor, director, writer, educator and community activist, he is …


  • Events

    Oct 19 – Oct 22, 2017
    Mondo Bizarro Perform their Creative Capital Project "Cry You One"

    Jun 13 – Jun 21, 2015
    Mondo Bizarro Bring "Cry You One" to New Haven

    Apr 17 – Apr 19, 2015
    Mondo Bizarro Presents Cry You One at Counter Current Festival

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  • Project News

    July 28, 2014
    Project Premiere: Mondo Bizarro and Art Spot Productions Present "Cry You One" in Rural Kentucky

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