Artist Projects

No More Road Trips?

Rick Prelinger

The documentary film No More Road Trips? investigates the artist’s lifelong fascination with travel: the highway, the sensation of movement, and the landscape as a space that combines nature and culture with social relations. Movement and nomadism are deeply ingrained in North American culture and are experienced as a fundamental entitlement: the right to freedom of motion. Historical trends contribute to that collective perception; a majority of Americans and their ancestors are immigrants. However, it is increasingly clear that this entitlement is rubbing up against inflexible limitations. As energy costs rise, fuel supplies are disrupted and economies gyrate, one might question whether the world is approaching peak travel.

Project Updates

  • 2013: No More Road Trips? screens at the Dartmouth Film Society in Hanover, NH

  • 2013: No More Road Trips? screens at the New York Film Festival

  •  2013: Prelinger screens a work-in-progress version of No More Road Trips? at SXSW