Artist Projects

Woman's Picture

Brian Pera

Woman’s Picture is a cycle of interrelated films inspired by the classic women’s films of the ’30s, ’40s and ’50s, and the childhood memories of filmmaker Brian Pera. The stories in the cycle focus on the subjective experiences of central female characters. The Woman’s Picture films are the centerpiece of the website Evelyn Avenue, which features a blog, related video content, interviews and a collaborative fragrance line with Zurich perfumer Andy Tauer called Tableau de Parfums. Woman’s Picture attempts to initiate a dialogue about gender, identity and memory. The creation of perfumes inspired by female subjects and their narratives encourages engagement with their stories in a new way, as each fragrance takes its inspiration from a different character presented in the series.

Project Updates

  • 2013: Only Child, the latest film in the Woman’s Picture series, is in post production. Only Child features Grace Zabriskie, Ann Magnuson, and Amy LaVere, the latter two of whom are reprising their roles from earlier films in the series. Projected completion date is August of 2013.