Artist Projects

SEAMOR (a.k.a. Balcony Stateroom, Int'l)

Jim Skuldt

Jim Skuldt sets about converting a standard 20-foot shipping container in order to transport himself internationally aboard a cargo ship, train, truck or any other form of intermodal transport. Inspired by a fusion of standardized quarters seen in deployable tactical shelters, luxury cruise ship environments (namely, the so-called box-shaped "Balcony Stateroom"), the Hotel Corbusier (of the Unité d'Habitation), and trailers and sheds he has inhabited over the past two years (both on & off the grid), the SEAMOR unit proposes a streamlining of the "unitary bulk-transience market" whose movement is guided by its relation to beneficial astrological forces. As such, though the container will be affected by this travel (perhaps not visibly), outcomes will be filtered (through Skuldt) as they are diffused over multiple experiential, documentary and folkloric forms.

Project Updates

  • 2013–2014: SEAMOR participates in CAP UCLA Artist Residence

  • 2012–2015: SEAMOR receives three years of project support by the Harpo Foundation and New York Foundation for the Arts.