Artist Projects

Necessary Beauty

Bebe Miller

Necessary Beauty is a series of short, self-contained dance works with visual projections. The music and video are entirely laptop-driven, allowing the pieces to tour easily; each five- to seven-minute dance can be performed individually, in a loop, or as part of a full-evening concert. All use Miller’s athletic, theatrical choreography to address elemental metaphors of beauty and truth. Necessary Beauty is also built with the team of design collaborators that worked on Landing/Place, Miller’s Bessie-award winning work of 2005. Video designer Maya Ciarrocchi and animator Vita Berezina-Blackburn have worked to combine video and animation in the same image, resulting in a slightly surreal take on rooms, landscapes, portraits and the like. Miller also uses rear-projection equipment for this new work, rather than the full-size scrims used in Landing/Place.

Project Updates

  • 2008: Necessary Beauty premieres at the Wexner Center for the Arts in Columbus OH