Artist Projects

The Black Factory

William Pope.L

Conceived to fit inside a panel truck, The Black Factory travels throughout America to bring blackness wherever it is needed. The Factory consists of three compartments that unfold to create an interactive public environment made up of a library, a workshop, and a gift shop. Through the circulation of promotional materials and by word of mouth, The Black Factory makes contact with a range of host-communities that invite visits to their town. In preparation for the Factory’s arrival, the hosts spread the word to the local community and ask them to “get the black out.” Whether it’s the high school football field or the foot of the steps to City Hall, the location chosen for The Black Factory to stop and set up shop becomes the drop-site: folks arrive ready to share objects they’ve collected, things that reference blackness for them (from copies of The Soul of Black Folk and images of Martin Luther King Jr., to Ku Klux Klan hoods and the ashes of Jacqueline Onassis Kennedy).