Artist Projects


Nancy Davidson

Cowgirl Dustup is a large, inflatable sculpture suspended in midair. This work offers a humorous, absurdist critique of popular culture. Davidson presents the iconic cow girl to admire and honor as a tall-tale fantasy reenactment of western legends. Like enormous puppets, they combine playfulness and elusive grandeur with a rodeo spirit. She draws attention to the overblown, using satire to expand on the American fascination with the overly large, the “Super Sized.”

Davidson’s goal is to bring the movable Dustup monument to public spaces where spectators gather and can engage with the animated spirit of the work. She envisions the installation/inflation as events in themselves. The portability of this monument provides diverse localities with an opportunity to address issues and is a tribute to the “can do” attitude of women’s individualism.

Project Updates

  • 2012: Dustup premieres at Betty Cuningham Gallery in New York