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Ela Troyano

Ela Troyano - Creating a Business Plan as a Fundraising and Marketing Tool
We’re in a constantly changing economy with new methods of distribution, financing and promotion – and artists are looking for new ways to raise funds and market their work. Through the Business Plan methodology, Ela Troyano will work with you to develop a written document that can be the basis of fundraising and marketing, increasing the success of your work.


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SESSION 1:  Discussing your project and the elements and methodology of the Business Plan; defining the scope and focus, clarifying whether to work with a specific project or your art practice as a whole.

SESSION 2: Going over the first rough draft and identifying areas to clarify, expand or revise.

SESSION 3: Finalizing the written document and discussing the methodology of the Business Plan as an ongoing integral part of your art practice in the context of fundraising and marketing.

Ela Troyano is an internationally renowned filmmaker currently developing a new feature film. Recent shows include Recycling Atlantis (2014) at the 80WSE Gallery (2014) and live film performances at the New Horizons Film Festival in Wroclaw, Poland and Berlin International Film Festival. Select awards include funding from Creative Capital, the Ford Foundation, Jerome Foundation, Latino Public Broadcasting, Independent Television Service, New York State Council on the Arts, Rockefeller Media, Theo Westenberger Estate and United States Artists. She was selected to attend the prestigious Screenwriters Lab at Sundance with Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Troyano has been a consultant coaching Creative Capital grantees and has led workshops for Creative Capital’s Professional Development Program in Strategic Planning, Fundraising and Marketing since its inception in 2003.


Kirby Tepper

Kirby Tepper - Communications
Do you have trouble talking about yourself and your work in social situations? Do you get nervous before important meetings? Do you feel ill-prepared for negotiations? An essential part of your art practice is your ability to effectively communicate - whether verbally, interpersonally, or through writing. Kirby Tepper will help you recognize and overcome the specific obstacles standing in your way, and prepare you for real-life encounters.


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SESSION 1:  Identify the underlying blocks and old patterns that may be causing you to undercut yourself.

SESSION 2: Learn how to present your needs with clarity and confidence through a series of actionable steps designed to build a solid foundation for representing yourself assertively.

SESSION 3: Identify your progress and create a plan to use your new communication skills in real life situations to advance your arts practice.

Kirby Tepper is a writer and psychotherapist and has consulted for Creative Capital for nearly 13 years.  He works with artists to acquire verbal communication and negotiation skills. Specific areas include: asking for money and sponsorships, negotiating rates, improving interpersonal and public speaking skills, and “selling yourself” without feeling like a used car salesperson. His artistic background includes writing lyrics, script, and/or music for: the Robin Hood musical sequence for “Shrek”; workshop productions of musical versions of “Gladiator” and “A Room With A View” (adapted from the films), and musicals at the Eugene O'Neill Playwrights Conference and Lark Theatres in New York City. He has written speeches and musical material for Carol Burnett, Sydney Poitier, John Lithgow, Lily Tomlin, and many more. He has performed his own music and lyrics everywhere from the Pasadena Playhouse to Carnegie Recital Hall; and has performed live in shows on Broadway ("On Your Toes") and regional theater, and on television (“Wings,” “Cheers”). He also hosts a webinar for Creative Capital called “Negotiation for Artists.” 


Susan Koblin Schear - Values-based Goal Setting
Are you an artist who has long struggled with obstacles of business? Reasons these challenges may exist within your practice include: lack of goal setting, planning and implementation; absence of purpose, values and vision; frequent isolation and limited networking; and, feeble marketing and messaging. Susan Schear will holistically guide you in all parts of the process: initially, knowing what your values and/or guiding principles are that shape your art practice; next, establishing goals which can be implemented; and, finally, ensuring that your values are aligned with your goals. Susan will also help you overcome challenges that impede your achievement of your values-based goals.


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SESSION 1:  Understand and identify your values and goals to ensure their alignment. Recognize gaps that may exist.

SESSION 2:  Develop the strategies to implement your goals, and be accountable to yourself and a trusted colleague/artist.

SESSION 3:  Evaluate and assess your progress to present. Address any challenges. Make appropriate changes to continue the process towards achievement of your values-based goals.

Susan Koblin Schear founded ARTISIN, LLC to offer comprehensive, process-oriented and holistically-based planning and business development, management and implementation services to the artists and arts/culture organizations. Her visionary strengths and grassroots approach allow her to be particularly resourceful to artists, arts related businesses and those with hybrid careers. She has the unique ability to develop strong relationships and trust, “translate” business / entrepreneurial skills and practices, keep her “finger on the pulse”, “connect the dots”; and, “see” missed opportunities. She is recognized as a dedicated, assertive and seasoned leader, consultant, educator, and communicator possessing strong interpersonal and relationship-building skills. As an established speaker, moderator, facilitator and trainer, she designs and presents innovative, customized, professional development workshops and seminars throughout the country. Current and former clients include Creative Capital, CAA, Ringling College, LSU, Queens College, NoMAA, CFEVA, Queens Council on the Arts, Asian American Arts Alliance, NYSCA, Cooper’s Ferry Partnership, Artworks, Newark Arts Council and numerous others. Learn more about Susan’s work at and

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