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Creative Capital Announces 2009 Artists

January 8, 2009

_More than $2.5 million in grants and services is committed to artist projects_ NEW YORK, NY (January 8, 2009) –Creative Capital, the national organization that supports individual artists, announces the recipients of its 2009 grants. Initial awards of $10,000 have been made to 41 projects in emerging fields, innovative literature and performing arts. These projects represent 61 artists across the country working individually and in collaboration. Each project becomes eligible for additional funds of as much as $50,000 over the course of the organization’s multi-year commitment. Artists also participate in Creative Capital’s distinctive Artist Services Program valued at $25,000 per artist. This program offers artists skills-building assistance in areas such as fundraising, networking, marketing, and strategic planning with the goal of advancing both their projects and their careers. So far Creative Capital has devoted more than $7 million to the Artists Services Program and has served more than 400 artists in its ten-year history. The panelists who chose the 16 emerging fields projects were Sarah Cook (CRUMB/Eyebeam, New York, NY); Steve Dietz (ZERO1, San Jose, CA); Susan Kennard (Banff Centre, Alberta, Canada); Gunalan Nadarajan (Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, MD); Paul Vanouse (Creative Capital artist, Buffalo, NY); and emerging fields lead program consultant Pamela Winfrey (The Exploratorium, San Francisco, CA). The panelists who chose the six innovative literature projects were Jeffrey Renard Allen (Creative Capital artist, New York, NY); lead program consultant for innovative literature Ethan Nosowsky (Graywolf Press, New York, NY); Robert Polito (New School, New York, NY); Matthew Stadler (Clear Cut Press, Portland, OR); Suzanna Tamminen (Wesleyan University Press, Middletown, CT); and Diane Williams (NOON, New York, NY). The panelists who chose the 19 performing arts projects were Tamara Alvarado (1stACT Silicon Valley, San Jose, CA); Philip Bither (Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, MN); Grisha Coleman (Creative Capital artist, Tempe, AZ); lead program consultant for performing arts Boo Froebel (Lincoln Center Festival, New York, NY); George Lugg (REDCAT, Los Angeles, CA); and Ruth Waalkes (Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center at the University of Maryland, College Park, MD). Creative Capital’s director of grants and services, Sean Elwood, served on all three panels, which were moderated by Ruby Lerner, president of Creative Capital. Selected from 2,068 applications, the funded projects come from across the country. Creative Capital artists now represent 29 states in total. About the new class of grantees, Lerner said, "The breadth of ideas and issues that these projects address confirms that American artists are rising above global uncertainty and unsettlement, propelled by the spirit of invention. These artists are each reinventing the world they live in, and as their projects come to life I think we can expect their influence to ripple outward." Foundation Update With these awards, Creative Capital’s roster of artist projects grows to 324. In 2008 the foundation issued 41 grants in film/video and visual arts. Many of those grantees attended Creative Capital’s Artist Retreat in July 2008, the kickoff event of the Artist Services Program. Through the grant program and its Professional Development Program (a series of public workshops for artists held nationwide), Creative Capital has now served more than 2,500 artists. About Creative Capital Ten years ago, Creative Capital embarked on a mission to reinvent the existing model of arts philanthropy, to construct a new paradigm, and to fulfill the specific needs of the country's most innovative artists. Today, it is the premier national artist support organization, committed to the principle that time and advisory services are as crucial to artistic success as funding. Over the lives of its funded projects, Creative Capital provides artists with a flexible program of multi-faceted, sequential support and partners with them to determine how those targeted funds and services can best work in concert to progress towards the grantees’ own goals. Since its founding in 1999, the organization has committed more than $14 million in financial support and services to 324 projects representing 411 artists. A complete list of grantees, profiles of funded projects, and up-to-date grant cycle information can be found online at the foundation’s website at Sustaining support for Creative Capital is currently provided by The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, The TOBY Fund, The William & Flora Hewlett Foundation, The Ford Foundation, The James Irvine Foundation, The Nathan Cummings Foundation, The Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation, and more than 100 other foundations and individuals. CREATIVE CAPITAL 2009 ARTISTS Emerging Fields 2009 Matthew Coolidge, Center for Land Use Interpretation (Culver City, CA) New Genres _American Land Museum_ Cesar Cornejo (Tampa, FL) Architecture _Puno Museum of Contemporary Art_ James Coupe (Seattle, WA) Digital Arts _Surveillance Suite_ Beatriz da Costa (Long Beach, CA) Digital Arts _Stories of the Rodent_ eteam (Queens, NY) Interdisciplinary Franziska Lamprecht and Hajoe Moderegger _Open Source Grabeland_ Futurefarmers (San Francisco, CA) Interdisciplinary _Local Landscape Campus (L.L.C.)_ Catherine Herdlick (San Francisco, CA) Gaming _The Cowgirl Way Society_ Shih Chieh Huang (New York, NY) Interdisciplinary _EX-SE-10_ Lisa Jevbratt (Santa Barbara, CA) Interdisciplinary _Zoomorph_ Jae Rhim Lee (Cambridge, MA) Interdisciplinary _N=0=Infinity, Infinity Mushroom_ neuroTransmitter (Queens, NY) Interdisciplinary Angel Nevarez and Valerie Tevere _Empire MHz_ Richard Pell (Pittsburgh, PA) Interdisciplinary _Institute for Post Natural Studies_ Stephanie Rothenberg (Buffalo, NY) New Genres _Best Practices_ Mark Shepard (Brooklyn, NY) New Genres _Sentient City Survival Kit_ Karolina Sobecka (Brooklyn, NY) Design _Amateur Human_ Sam Van Aken (Portland, ME) New Genres _I Am Here Today. . ._ Innovative Literature 2009 Paul Beatty (New York, NY) Fiction _Depresso_ Kenny Fries (Toronto, ON, Canada) Nonfiction _Genkan: Entries into Japan_ Ben Marcus (New York, NY) Fiction _Children, Cover Your Eyes!_ Bernadette Mayer (East Nassau, NY) Poetry _The Faces That Launched A Thousand Ships_ Rebecca Solnit (San Francisco, CA) Nonfiction _Infinite City: A San Francisco Atlas_ Deb Olin Unferth (Lawrence, KS) Fiction _Natural Citizens_ Performing Arts 2009 Byron Au Yong (Seattle, WA) and Aaron Jafferis (New Haven, CT) Opera _Stuck Elevator: The Super-Heroic Stationary Journey of Mind Kuang Chen_ Victor D. Cartagena, Roberto Gutierrez Varea, Violeta Luna, David Molina and Antigone Trimis (San Francisco, CA) Performance Art _BORDER TRIP(tych) / TRIP(tico) de la frontera_ Nora Chipaumire (Brooklyn, NY) Interdisciplinary _The Thomas Mapfumo Project, or lions will roar, swans will fly, angels will wrestle heaven, rains will break: gukurahundi_ Steve Cuiffo, (New York, NY) Trey Lyford (New York, NY) and Geoffrey Sobelle (Philadelphia, PA) _Theater Next Stop: Amazingland_ Lisa D’amour (Brooklyn, NY) and Katie Pearl (Austin, TX) Interdisciplinary _How To Build A Forest_ Chris M. Green (Brooklyn, NY) Interdisciplinary _Ultra-Local Sublime_ Miguel Gutierrez (Brooklyn, NY) Dance _Misinterpreted_ Robert Farid Karimi (Minneapolis, MN) Spoken Word _The Cooking Show con Karimi y Comrades: Diabetes of Democracy_ Zoe Keating and Jeffrey Rusch (Camp Meeker, CA) Experimental Music Performance _The Musician's Mind's Eye: A Synaesthetic Experience of 'One Cello x 16'_ Heidi Latsky Dance (New York, NY) Dance _GIMP_ Young Jean Lee (Brooklyn, NY) Theater _King Lear_ Los Angeles Poverty Department (Los Angeles, CA) Interdisciplinary Henriette Broüwers, Kevin Michael Key, John Malpede and Pamela Miller-Macias _History of Incarceration_ Taylor Mac (New York, NY) Theater _The Lily’s Revenge_ Barak Marshall (Los Angeles, CA), Tamir Muskat (Tel Aviv, Israel) and Margalit Oved (Los Angeles, CA) Experimental Music Performance _Symphony of Tin Cans_ David Neumann and Richard Sylvarnes (Brooklyn, NY) Interdisciplinary _OH NO NATURE (or, Blaming on his Boots the Fault of his Feet)_ Ken Nintzel (New York, NY) Interdisciplinary _You Are Here_ Tere O’Connor (New York, NY) Dance Untitled Tommy Smith and Reggie Watts (Brooklyn, NY) Interdisciplinary _Reggie Watts: Transition_ Deke Weaver (Champaign, IL) Interdisciplinary _The Unreliable Bestiary_ ###

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