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Creative Capital Announces 2012 Grantees in Film/Video and Visual Arts

January 12, 2012

2012 Film/Video Grantees
 Creative Capital announces its 2012 grants in Film/Video and Visual Arts to 46 adventurous projects representing 56 artists. For the 2012 grantees, Creative Capital will provide up to $50,000 in direct project funding, plus advisory services valued at more than $40,000. With the addition of the 46 new grantees, Creative Capital will have committed nearly $25 million in financial and advisory support to artists since 1999, including nearly $3 million in 2011 alone.

The 2012 Creative Capital grants in Film/Video are awarded to: Cam Archer, Robert Bahar & Almudena Carracedo, Amy Belk & Matt Porterfield, Brad Butler, Lucien Castaing-Taylor & Véréna Paravel, Eric Dyer, Daniel Eisenberg, Yance Ford, Brian L. Frye & Penny Lane, Sonali Gulati, Kenneth Jacobs, Nina Menkes, Akosua Adoma Owusu, Brian Pera, Rick Prelinger, Michael Robinson, Mark Elijah Rosenberg, Norbert Shieh, Stacey Steers, Deborah Stratman, Jesse Sugarmann, Christopher Sullivan and Jake Yuzna. 

The 2012 Creative Capital grants in Visual Arts are awarded to: Janine Antoni, Patty Chang, LaToya Ruby Frazier, Theaster Gates, Ken Gonzales-Day, Taraneh Hemami, Tahir Hemphill, Simone Leigh, Eric Leshinsky & Zach Moser, Phillip Andrew Lewis, Carlos Motta, My Barbarian (Malik Gaines, Jade Gordon & Alexandro Segade), Postcommodity (Raven Chacon & Nathan Young), The Propeller Group (Matt Lucero & Tuan Andrew Nguyen), Teri Rofkar, Paul Rucker, Connie Samaras, Lisa Sigal, Jim Skuldt, Kerry Tribe, Joan Waltemath, Women (Scott Barry & Neil Doshi) and Amy Yao.  

Creative Capital is a premier provider of risk capital in the arts. In the past year, Creative Capital has re-invigorated its grantmaking process to emphasize the importance of risk-taking: taking chances on projects that are singularly bold, innovative, genre-stretching and of this moment; ideas of scope and ambition expressed through audacious combinations of form and content; varied projects that engage or even create new technologies; and works that take traditional approaches into new territories, teaching us something new about the world and ourselves.

“With this new class of 2012 grantees, we are thrilled to support work that is highly contemporary, daring, delightful and complex—work that astonishes with the richness of its ideas,” commented Ruby Lerner, Creative Capital’s President & Executive Director. “Creative Capital continually aims to support the latest thinking in the field, and this year’s grantees push the boundaries of visual arts, film and video.”

2012 Visual Arts Grantees
 Overview of 2012 Project Grants
Creative Capital’s 2012 grantees encompass established, mid-career and emerging artists, and they range in age from 27 to 77. This year’s grantees are based in 15 states across the country—from Alaska to Tennessee—and include artists from diverse cultural backgrounds, with more than 46% self-declared as African-American, Asian American, Latino-American, Middle Eastern American or Native American.

The artists’ projects and their subjects reflect a wide geographic focus, such as collaborative performances and workshops with artists in Israel and Cairo, multidisciplinary works based on experiences of Chinese youth culture and Iranian dissidents, and numerous socially-engaged works that grow out of relationships with specific communities, towns and regions across the U.S. The 2012 grantees’ bold and genre-stretching projects also incorporate an incredible variety of unconventional media, from contemporary versions of early animation techniques and re-interpretations of craft traditions to short films accompanied by a fragrance line and visual art projects that engage new technologies.

Among the Visual Arts projects awarded grants are: a public monument to residents of a steel-mill town (LaToya Ruby Frazier); ceremonial robes made using Tlingit weaving techniques, Kevlar and nano-technology (Teri Rofkar); a shipping container re-fashioned as a lodging unit to transport the artist aboard a cargo ship (Jim Skuldt); history painting informed by cultural relations in the Great Plains and the present-day Plains Indians community (Joan Waltemath); an ethnographic almanac of hip-hop lyrics, phrases, metaphors and socio-political ideas (Tahir Hemphill); an interview-based documentary and video installation about alternative gender identities (Carlos Motta); a global media campaign to rebrand communism through the tools of American advertising agencies (The Propeller Group); and an environmental installation based on extreme methods of sensory deprivation (Phillip Andrew Lewis).

Film/Video projects include: a nontraditional documentary that uncovers the underground medical industry of “curing” homosexuality in India (Sonali Gulati); a hand-drawn, animated feature about characters in two different worlds connected by unlikely threads (Christopher Sullivan); a film that investigates the relationships between factory workers and the objects they produce (Daniel Eisenberg); a multimedia, fictional story of an astronaut heading to Mars alone on a one-way mission (Mark Elijah Rosenberg); a documentary about people who make the decision to disappear and disconnect from their pasts (Robert Bahar & Almudena Carracedo); a coming-of-age story of a first-generation Somali immigrant high-school girl in Minneapolis (Jake Yuzna); and a film about the American auto industry as a manufacturer of personal identity (Jesse Sugarmann). To browse the 2012 class of grantees, visit our Artist Projects section.

Selection Process & Panelists
Creative Capital received a total of 3,247 submissions from artists in all 50 states for the 2012 grants in Visual Arts and Film/Video. Over the course of nine months, nearly 100 arts professionals and artists from across the country served as readers, evaluators and panelists to review the submissions and select the 46 projects from the 2012 class of grantees.

For the 2012 Film/Video grants, the panelists who chose the projects are: Natalia Almada, Altamura Films, Brooklyn, NY (2005 Creative Capital grantee); Erin Cosgrove, Altadena, CA (2008 Creative Capital grantee); David Filipi, Curator & Director of Film/Video, Wexner Center for the Arts, Ohio State University, Columbus, OH; Eugene Hernandez, Director of Digital Strategy, Film Society of Lincoln Center, New York, NY; Andrea Picard, Curator, Wavelength Series, Toronto Film Festival, Toronto, Canada; Mike Plante, Programmer, Sundance Film Festival, Los Angeles, CA; and Jay Van Hoy, Parts and Labor, Brooklyn, NY.

For the 2012 Visual Arts grants, the panelists who chose the projects are: Sanford Biggers, New York, NY (2008 Creative Capital grantee); Bridget Donahue, Associate Director, Gavin Brown’s Enterprise, New York, NY; Annie Han, Lead Pencil Studio, Seattle, WA (2005 Creative Capital grantee); Irene Hofmann, Phillips Director & Chief Curator, SITE Santa Fe, Santa Fe, NM; Clara Kim, Senior Curator of Visual Arts, Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, MN; and Franklin Sirmans, Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles, CA.

Advisory Support & Artist Services
Creative Capital’s model of supporting artists, which was the subject of a recent Harvard Business School case study, is built on the principle that advisory services are as crucial to success as funding. Creative Capital’s strategic program of Artist Services enables grantees to realize their projects and helps them reach new audiences. As part of their Creative Capital award, artists have access to individual consultations with Artist Services staff; Artist Retreats; professional development workshops in strategic planning, self-management and fundraising; artist coaching; promotional support; and a far-reaching network of arts professionals ready to advise them.

For the new class of 2012 grantees, Creative Capital will expand this program by adding new services focused on the individual artist: committed mentor teams for each project; toolkits created to fit each artist’s needs; phone-in clinics for financial, tech, PR and business advice; organizational partnerships for crowdfunding and fiscal sponsorship; and focused gatherings for networking amongst grantees and leaders in the field.

Download full bios and project descriptions for 2012 Film/Video grantees
Download full bios and project descriptions for 2012 Visual Arts grantees

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(Images: Top, left to right: Stacey Steers, Akosua Adoma Owusu, Christopher Sullivan, Michael Robinson; Bottom, left to right:  LaToya Ruby Frazier, Taraneh Hemami, My Barbarian, Kerry Tribe)

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