Nick Slie

Mondo Bizarro

Performing Arts, 2013

Nick Slie lives and works on the disappearing wetlands of coastal Louisiana. An actor, director, writer, educator and community activist, he is co-founder and co-artistic director of the New Orleans-based performance collective Mondo Bizarro. Nick’s performance work ranges from physical theater to multi-disciplinary solo work, from digital storytelling to collaborative ensemble productions. In the last two years, Slie has collaborated on a vast array of local and national performance projects, including as co-creator/performer for Mondo Bizarro’s Loup GarouFlight and Catching Him In Pieces; co-creator/performer for the national tour of Uprooted: The Katrina Project; co-director for Olive Dance Theater’s Brotherly Love; co-producer of The State of the Nation Art and Performance Festival and co-creative director of Mondo Bizarro’s post-Katrina story project, The I-10 Witness Project. Nick is a frequent collaborator with ArtSpot Productions. He serves on the board for Alternate ROOTS and is the former board chair for the Network of Ensemble Theaters.

Mondo Bizarro
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Awards and Accomplishments


Mondo Bizarro are the recipients of the National Theater Project Award