Erika Blumenfeld and Rebecca Solnit featured in "Carbon 13" at Ballroom Marfa in TX

Aug 31 2012 - Feb 17 2013


Ballroom Marfa
108 E San Antonio St
Marfa, TX




Visual Arts

Opening Reception:

Aug 31 2012

Curated by David Buckl and presented in conjunction with The Marfa Dialogues: Politics and Culture of Climate & Sustainability

Artists: Ackroyd & Harvey, Amy Balkin, Erika Blumenfeld, David Buckland, Adriane Colburn, Antony Gormley, Cynthia Hopkins, Sunand Prasad

Participants: Hamilton Fish, Diana Liverman, John Nielsen-Gammon, Michael Pollan, Robert Potts, Tom Rand, Rebecca Solnit, Bonnie J. Warnock

Carbon 13 presents newly commissioned work by eight international artists who have focused the lens of their creativity to interrogate the reality of climate change. These new and daring works demonstrate that one salient image can speak louder than volumes of scientific data and capture the public’s imagination with an immediate and resonant voice. In conjunction with the opening of Carbon 13, Ballroom Marfa and the Washington Spectator are proud to present the second biennial Marfa Dialogues, a three-day symposium that includes conversations around climate change and sustainability with artists, performers, writers, scientists and entrepreneurs. Participants include: Hamilton Fish, Cynthia Hopkins, Diana Liverman, John Nielsen-Gammon, Michael Pollan, Robert Potts, Tom Rand, Rebecca Solnit and Bonnie J. Warnock.

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