Anna Sew Hoy

Visual Arts, 2015

Anna Sew Hoy lives and works in Los Angeles. Through experimentation in the studio, she invents eccentric processes for working clay, metal and items from the everything-drawer. In her sculptures, the slowness of the handmade collides with symbols of speedy communication and global junk to create totemic forms. Daily acts lead to inspiration, where a breakthrough may occur when pulling a tissue to blow one's nose. Solo presentations of Sew Hoy’s work have been exhibited at the Aspen Art Museum; the Hammer Museum; Koenig & Clinton, New York; LAXART; and Various Small Fires, LA; among others. Her work is in the collections of the Hammer Museum, SFMOMA, LACMA, and the Museum of Contemporary Art in San Diego. She was awarded the California Community Foundation Grant for Emerging Artists in 2013, and the United States Artists Broad Fellowship in 2006. Sew Hoy received her MFA from Bard College in 2008.

Awards and Accomplishments

2017: The Los Angeles State Historic Park will open in April 2017. Psychic Body Grotto, Anna Sew Hoy's second and largest public sculpture to date, will debut at the opening of the park.