Nick Szuberla

Emerging Fields, 2006

As a media artist Nick has helped design and lead national public information campaigns on issues ranging from sentencing reform to U.S. energy policy. He began his work at the Highlander Research and Education Center in 1996, and then joined Appalshop, an arts and cultural center in Whitesburg, Kentucky. Not long after, Nick founded Holler to the Hood (a multimedia project exploring urban/rural relationships), Thousand Kites (a national dialogue project addressing the U.S. criminal justice system) and Calls from Home (an interactive radio and organizing project). He has produced award winning documentary films, radio series, and multimedia productions. He has also trained hundreds of youth and adults in how to use low-cost media as an organizing tool, and has done artist residencies in 38 states. He is a graduate of Antioch

Working Narratives
Nation Inside

Awards and Accomplishments


Szuberla received $85,000 from the Nathan Cummings Foundation for ongoing work of Working Narratives.


Elsewhere Museum, Greensboro, NC


Szuberla received the Digital Media Pioneer for Social Justice Award from Minority Media and Telecommunication Council’s (MMTC) as part of a team of artists and activists who launched the Campaign for Prison Phone Justice.


Szuberla's Prison Phone Justice campaign convinced the FCC to pass new rules about prison phone regulations to end the high cost of calls from prison redirecting tens of millions of dollars back to working families.


Szuberla received $75,000 from the National Endowment for the Arts in Media Arts.

2008: _Thousand Kites_ receives Nathan Cummings Foundation Grant

2008: _Thousand Kites_ receives TCG–New Generations Program Grant