Zeke Keeble


Performing Arts, 2006

Zeke Keeble has been playing music since he was seven years old. He grew up playing classical music and Latin percussion. Feeling  constricted by popular interpretation of classical music, he attended Cornish College of the Arts to study Jazz. He has been gigging steadily in Seattle in the idioms of Jazz, Funk, Rock, Hip-Hop and Modern Dance since 1991, with people such as Julian Priester, Tim Young, Reggie Watts, Michael White, Harry Pierce, Eyvind Kang, Brent Arnold, Jeru the Damaja and members of Blind Melon and Pearl Jam. Zeke formed locust with dancer/choreographer Amy O’Neal in 2000, for which he has created over a dozen live/recorded scores. In 2002, he formed the band Marrow, a five-piece experimental pop band for which he wrote all the music.   Zeke has also written music for major promotional software companies. Zeke is currently gigging in Seattle with his new band Moon Lander.

Awards and Accomplishments


O'Neal receives Artist-in-Residency at Headlands Center for the Arts