Complex Movements

Performing Arts, 2013

The story of Waajeed is a Detroit story. In the shadows of a towering Motown legacy, and under the tutelage of electronic heroes of Detroit techno, Waajeed would find his calling card in hip-hop. Along with luminaries and comrades like J Dilla and Slum Village, he would help pioneer a distinct sound in hip hop which continues to inform a generation of beat-builders worldwide. From dusty stacks of hallowed Motown wax, samples would be flipped, jewels would be dropped, and history would be written. After years of championing this beat movement through personal projects, concept groups such as Platinum Pied Pipers, a stellar resume of collaborations, and his own Bling47 label, Waajeed looks to pivot forward in a new direction, with his Detroit techno roots as the catalyst. Crafting a new sound and energy, Waajeed looks to further inform the next wave of beat junkies.

Awards and Accomplishments


Complex Movements receives a $100,000 Knight Foundation grant for Beware of the Dandelions


Complex Movements are the recipients of the National Theater Project Award