Wesley Taylor

Complex Movements

Performing Arts, 2013

Wesley Taylor is a graphic designer, fine artist, musician and curator. He has spent many years “scene building” in the Detroit hip-hop community as both an emcee and graphic designer. He is co-founder of Emergence Media, along with Invincible. Taylor’s most recent body of work revolves around the promise of the future; he imagines that “the future” is his client and he is in charge of marketing for “the future” and branding its many possibilities. In 2011, his work was presented in the two-person show Brandished at Re:View Gallery in Detroit. Taylor holds a graduate degree in 2-D Design from Cranbrook Academy of Art and teaches design at Eastern Michigan University. He also manages a five-person artists’ studio collective in Detroit called Talking Dolls.

Awards and Accomplishments


Complex Movements receives a $100,000 Knight Foundation grant for Beware of the Dandelions


Complex Movements are the recipients of the National Theater Project Award