Michaƫl Samyn

Tale of Tales

Emerging Fields, 2006

Michaël Samyn co-founded independent development studio Tale of Tales with Auriea Harvey in 2002 for the purpose of exploring the artistic potential of video games. Since then, they have published five major titles for PC, Mac and iOS, each of which was met with controversy and discussion because of their highly innovative nature. Also, Michaël Samyn started the Notgames initiative, a platform to support the development of interactive entertainment that goes beyond games. In a previous life, Samyn was a net.artist and webdesigner, also with Auriea Harvey under the name of Entropy8Zuper!
The Path, story website
The Path, trailer website

Awards and Accomplishments


Tale of Tales’ work is included in the Venice Biennial exhibition Neoludica, a program devoted entirely to video games