Kirjan Waage

Wakka Wakka Productions

Performing Arts, 2013

Kirjan Waage was born in Haugesund, Norway. He graduated from the University of Bologna, Italy where he studied puppet theatre under Professor Remo Melloni and received a diploma from University of Bologna’s Theatre School CIMES. He then moved to Paris to complete the two year program and the Laboratory of Experimental Movement (LEM) at Ecole Internationale de Theatre Jacques Lecoq. While in Paris, he launched his own series of stuffed animals called Aminols, later leading into the creation of a series of puppets. Kirjan toured Ireland and France with the French Theatre Company La Filante in 2000.   In 2001 he joined The Shakespeare Players along with fellow Wakka Wakka members to play Friar Laurence in Romeo and Juliet. The production played in London and Lebanon at the Al Bustan Arts Festival. Kirjan has created, performed in, designed and constructed the puppets for all of Wakka Wakka Productions past works. Kirjan is also a published cartoonist with Jippi Comics, and recently launched his first comic book entitled “Kjaele”.