Margalit Oved

Performing Arts, 2009

Margalit Oved has created more than forty-five dances as well as numerous musical scores for dances and a solo album for Folkways Recordings. She was the founder of the Margalit Dance Company, which toured throughout the United States. in the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s. She later became the artistic director of Inbal, with whom she danced as prima ballerina for fifteen years, and began performing with Barak Marshall in the U.S., Israel, and Europe. Oved has performed her drum solos and theater-musical pieces at such spaces as the Kennedy Center and Royce Hall. She is also the subject of a Ford Foundation documentary film. In 2007 she received the Alliance for California Traditional Art’s Living Cultures Grant to record rare Yemenite songs.