Naeem Mohaiemen

Visual Arts, 2008

Naeem Mohaiemen works in Dhaka and New York, using essays, photography and film to explore histories of failed utopias. Earlier projects have also looked at militarization, surveillance, hyphenated citizenship, border partitions and architectural nationalism. His essays include “Islamic Roots of HipHop” (Sound Unbound, MIT Press), “Ad Man Blues” (Indian Highway, Serpentine Gallery), “Why Mahmud can’t be a pilot” (Nobody Passes, Seal) and “Beirut, Silver Porsche Illusion” (Men of Global South, Zed).

Project themes have been described as “how to make engagements with a revolutionary past meaningful in the sudden eruption of a revolutionary present” (Kaelen Wilson-Goldie, Bidoun), “gently questioning the efficacy of activism” (Brian Boucher, Art in America) and “not yet disillusioned fully with the capacity of human society” (Vijay Prashad, Take on Art). The work has been featured in Granta, Rethinking Marxism, Modern Painters and Springerin. Art Review selected the current project for the “Future Greats 2012” list.

Visible Collective
Columbia University

Awards and Accomplishments


Mohaiemen is a 2014 Guggenheim Fellow in Film/Video


Mohaiemen screens his work at the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen, Germany 


 Mohaiemen is a contributor to the new Visual Culture Reader, 3rd edition


Mohaiemen receives support from Jan Vrijman Fund for post-production work on United Red Army


Mohaiemen is awarded a Creative Time Global Residency


Mohaiemen receives support from Puffin Foundation for The Young Man Was project


Mohaiemen receives support from Sharjah Art Foundation (United Arab Emirates) for continuing work on The Young Man Was project


Mohaiemen receives support from Franklin Furnace

2008: Mohaiemen receives Rhizome Commissions Program grant