Angel Nevarez

Emerging Fields, 2009

Mexico City-born Angel Nevarez is a multidisciplinary artist and musician who has been working collaboratively with Valerie Tevere since 2001. Their projects and research investigate contemporary music and sound, the electromagnetic spectrum, dissent and public fora. Nevarez and Tevere’s interests lie in the formation of itinerant, performative, and discursive-based social spaces with works that move between the spatial simultaneity of performance and enunciation, reflecting upon political agency through lyrics, audio and transmission. Nevarez had also collaborated with Alex Rivera to produce The LowDrone, an interactive website that melds the lowrider with the predator drone. Initially commissioned for InSITE 2005, The LowDrone is the world’s first flying lowrider. Nevarez studied at the University of California San Diego and was a Studio Fellow at The Whitney Museum’s Independent Study Program where he received the Van Lier Fellowship. 

Angel Nevarez & Valerie Tevere
Textual Records