Center for Land Use Interpretation

Emerging Fields, 2009

Matthew Coolidge is the founder and director of the Center for Land Use Interpretation (CLUI), based in Los Angeles. He performs many functions at the Center, including acting as a fundraiser, administrator, multimedia artist, photographer, videographer, archivist, graphic designer, composer, janitor and teacher. He has presented numerous exhibitions at CLUI, including Birdfoot: Where America’s River Dissolves into the Sea, Pavement Paradise: American Parking Space and The Blue Ridge Parkway: America’s Drive-Through National Park. CLUI has exhibited at the Boulder Museum of Art, The Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, the Greenland National Museum and many other venues. For his work with the CLUI, he has been given a Guggenheim Fellowship, a Rockefeller Media Arts Fellowship and a Lucelia Artist Award from the Smithsonian American Art Museum.

Awards and Accomplishments


The Center for Land Use Interpretation publishes a book, from the CLUI and Blast Books, in the American Regional Landscape Series: Around the Bay: Man-Made Sites of Interest in the San Francisco Bay Region